About Stranks Bee Farm

We at Stranks Bee Farm believe in natural goodness that betters your life while being responsible with the resources and materials we use.  Every component of our business is met with two questions:  Is this product safe and beneficial to use? and Is this damaging our planet and environment?  If either of the answers to those questions is “no,” we simply don’t use or produce it.  Our products are sustainable, and kind to the workers (whether two or six-legged variety), and are 100% pure from any additives or harmful chemicals, including pesticides and genetically modified organisms.  We stand by our word, and our guarantee to bring you the best product available with the best customer service in our industry.


It all started when two people fell in love…  Well, it actually started a bit before that when Patrick decided to keep bees. His industrious nature lent him an aptitude for launching a business and his dedication provided the backbone for overcoming the initial road blocks of entreprenurial endeavours.

Along came Miriam and together they built up the business of Stranks Bee Farm with Miriam’s generous and discerning character providing amazing customer service.

Today they work in tandem as a thriving husband and wife duo to bring you the highest quality products available on the market. They look forward to greater challenges and new horizons as their business continues to grow and develop.


What makes Stranks Bee Farm Honey different?

Our wildflower honey is made from the sweet nectar of thousands of different types of flowers in the areas surrounding Owen Sound.  This creates a unique flavour that varies from year to year based on the summer season.  This blend of flavours gives a balanced taste that does not overpower and is ideal for the most varied of uses.  When nectar is restricted to one type of flower, the resulting flavour is rich and strong, but is useful only for specific usages.  A subtle, more rounded flavour gives greater flexibility in usage and is easier on the palatte.

At Stranks Bee Farm we believe that natural is best which is why we gently filter our honey. This leaves all of the natural healthy components intact and creates a healthy alternative to refined and processed sugars.

Dedication to purity.

Our honeys are graded in accordance to the Ontario laws and regulations regarding classification and grading for Ontario No.1 honeys.  With strict adherance to guidelines you can be assured of the safety of your honey as you enjoy it.
There are never any additives or methods used to darken the colour of our honey.  Our amber honey is in its natural state, though its colour may vary from year to year based on the flowers our bees gather their nectar from.


A company is only as good as its workers.

We take extreme care to ensure that our bees are healthy and thriving in their environments.  With hives in multiple locations around the Owen Sound and  Meaford and Chatsworth areas, the varying temperatures year-round can take its toll on each colony in different ways, which is why it is so important to us to carefully monitor the hive’s growth and well-being.  We ensure adequate food is left for the hive at the end of the season to provide optimal conditions over the winter and to create hardy, happy bees for the upcoming year. We keep a keen eye on each hive’s growth and development and acceptance of queens.

You will find that happy bees make the best honey, and judging by the quality and taste of our honey, our bees are some of the happiest bees in the area.

Helping our community

A community is more than a group of people.  It is a group of people with common interests living in a particular area.  We want to help those who are within our reach by donating 10% of our profits to organizations that have a passion for building our community, whether through local food drives, youth and teen development centers, or those in need of counsel, to name a few.  Help us build our community to be stronger and more unified– after all, we’re all in this together.