Shiloh Virgin Coconut Oil – 1L


For those who use coconut oil on a regular basis for specific recipes, or to take internally by the spoonful. Get all the great benefits with our 100% pure coconut oil that delivers fresh, clean coconut flavour.



Taste, smell and see the difference in our Shiloh Virgin Coconut Oil. When you open the lid, you are met with a clean, fresh aroma of coconut, a bright white and smooth consistency, and a delicate but sure coconut taste. Our oil is perfect for substituting anywhere you would normally use a butter: as a spread on toast or muffins, to quickly saute onions, or in baking. Sustainably sourced and hand-crafted.

Sizes Available:
500ml – $17.00
1L – $27.00
5L – $110.00
20L – $375.00

Vegan-Paleo-Non GMO-Natural
Great for cholesterol
Healthy fat for balancing energy

No chemicals, solvents, fillers or preservatives
Sustainably sourced

Use anywhere that you would normally use a butter. Mix into coffee, teas or sauces for a richer flavour, or use in recipes for a healthier approach to baking.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 17 cm