Shiloh Virgin Coconut Oil – 500ml


A perfect size to sample the very best coconut oil on the market. 100% Pure and chemical free, this coconut oil is packed full of beneficial natural lauric acid and is ready to use in spreads, baking or cooking.



Taste, smell and see the difference in our Shiloh Virgin Coconut Oil. When you open the lid, you are met with a clean, fresh aroma of coconut, a bright white and smooth consistency, and a delicate but sure coconut taste. Our oil is perfect for substituting anywhere you would normally use a butter: as a spread on toast or muffins, to quickly saute onions, or in baking. Sustainably sourced and hand-crafted.

Sizes Available:
500ml – $17.00
1L – $27.00
5L – $110.00
20L – $375.00

Vegan-Paleo-Non GMO-Natural
Great for cholesterol
Healthy fat for balancing energy

No chemicals, solvents, fillers or preservatives
Sustainably sourced

Use anywhere that you would normally use a butter. Mix into coffee, teas or sauces for a richer flavour, or use in recipes for a healthier approach to baking.

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Dimensions 85 × 85 × 115 cm